Artist Statement

I am a ‘Poesy Painter’,


n. pl. po·e·sies

1. Poetical works; poetry.

2. The art or practice of composing poems.

3.The inspiration involved in composing poetry

There is a conceptual link between literature (poetry), visual art and life the paintings I make are made to connect these links. The works aim is to be associated to poetry but not to follow the often cringe worthy pairing of the adjective, ‘poetic’, and painting. My paintings focus on areas such as rhythm, semantic content, visual and verbal puns and the real life ways both physical and visual that poetry can be considered a key discourse in painting.

Through poetry and in the margins of image where visual debate comes to life. I place quotes and sketches that help to guide the viewers own understanding of text, debate or historical moments and places. I try to keep in my paintings frayed sections and perforated elements that go against the visual rules of the image. ‘Although epiphanies can burst forth at unexpected places and times, much like the “Eureka!” moment attributed to Archimedes and the discovery of volume in mathematics, these moments of discovery do not always arise so suddenly. They can also be summoned after long periods of debate, meditation, analysis and the exploration of a place’ (Zak Hulstrom). My paintings are a visual representation of  the poetry of this epiphany, moments of creative inspiration and a merging of the poetic and artist myth making


2010-2011 MA in Fine ART, Wimbledon College of Art, London (UAL)
2006-2009 BA in Fine Art, Loughborough University School of Art and Design (LUSAD) (First Class Honours),
2005-2006 Foundation Course in Art and Design,BTEC Diploma(Merit), LUSAD

Royal Watercolour Society, open show: 2014/2015
Chadwell Award winner 2011


2020 Ferens Open, Ferens Gallery Hull, April

2019 Cole’s Gallery, Leeds.

2018 Western Park, ‘There is Another Sky’ Granary Gallery Oct-Nov 

2016 Open Arts Café, ‘Eureka!’ London, Oct

2015 Bankside Gallery, London, Royal Watercolour Society, March

2015 Northen Young Artist, Unit 9 Huddersfield, April

2014 Beep Art prize, Elysium Gallery, Swansea, Oct-Nov

2014 Teleology, Husk Gallery, Limehouse, London, Nov

2014 Bankside Gallery, London, Royal Watercolour Society, Feb-March

2013 New Lights Art prize: The Mercer Art Gallery, Harrogate, September

The Biscuit Factory, Newcaste, April 2014

2013 Occupy My Time Gallery, Deptford, Love in a Cold Climate Feb-March

2013 LoopArt013 Group Show, Creekside Fep-March

2012 Acme Project Space, What’s Outside the Window, Chadwell Award, Nov

2012 Deptford X, Bringing Home the Art; a collaborative project, July

2012 St. George’s Gallery (St. George Hospital Tooting), Solo Show, London

2011 Wimbledon College of Art : MA Show, September

2011 The Nunnery, Futura Oblique, London

2010 Red Eric Studio, I Believe I’ll Dust My Broom, Leeds

2009 Airspace gallery, The Mulit-story, Stoke-on-Trent,

2009 Loughborough University Fine Art Degree Show, Lough

Bird Emerging Sky
Leaving it all behind again